Isaac Jimenez

Devil's Theater



In 2015, I was asked to produce a haunted attraction in the North Jersey area which didn't have many haunted attractions for being one of the most densely populated areas in the U.S. 

Devil's Theater, born at the Union County Performing Arts Center, turned a 1,334 seat historic vaudeville theater house into a walkable haunted experience. We dared not to ignore the historical value of the theater so thematically, the haunt focused on early 20th century images of gangsters, ushers, and bubbly (and bloodied) actors and actresses. Rooms and hallways were tormented by clowns, nuns, theater patrons, and strange creatures. The namesake character of the haunt lived in a maze on the actual stage of the theater.

From casting, directing, scenic design, production, production management, web, social, marketing and graphics, this project allowed me to create something from literally top to bottom and then sell it.